My goal with this blog

I write about relevant changes in the way that people use the web and how startups are built to provide services and products for this ever changing wonderful thing we still know as "the web." As a former entrepreneur turned early-stage investor, my greatest hope is for this to be useful to other folks that are like me in the hopes that they can avoid some of the mistakes I've made.

The many screens of our lives

We are living in a multi screen world and I don't just mean the size differences from the watch to the iMac, all of them woven together through a layer of notifications that inform us of when we're expected to next check Twitter or like something on Facebook.

No, we are living in a multi screen world that is going to get especially interesting when innovative entrepreneurs start to think of how it might be possible to weave the various different pixel farms together to make us more productive and potentially even to enable new modalities for collaborating or even- creating- in a way that only belonged on the pages of a science fiction novel when the Xerox PARC guys were birthing the interfaces we've all come to know and love over the last three decades.

I don't know how this is going to shake out exactly but I'd bet on a lot of interesting multi screen use cases in the mainstream before I'd bet on AR/VR or even before I'd bet on the demise of any of the existing screens (yes including the desktop). The lame use case is the "second screen" pushed by the cable companies with their smart settop boxes where your mom can call in the middle of the football game which you can pause/DVR from your smartphone. Better still are Handoff/Continuity, but only slightly.

The really interesting stuff will come from new interface modalities where touch surfaces are combined with the precise work that a mouse and a huge display enable. Or where the sensors on a smartphone inform the way content comes together as a group of people work collaboratively. There are so many science fiction use cases, most of which will probably die on the vine, that I'm not even going to enumerate them here. But they will definitely make things more interesting for creators and collaborators alike and I for once can not wait.