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You can check out a bit of what I care about outside of work below. I grew up in Venezuela, a lucky child of the 70s where Legos could go to space and wild men invented the personal computer. I then got double lucky when I got out of college and walked right into the world wide web. More about me.
Lego Space Dudes from the 1970s
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A new experiment

For the last two weeks I've been experimenting with writing shorter, quicker posts on another CMS which I call Bits.

I am doing this for two reasons: 1. I had gotten "stuck" (unmotivated, tired, etc.) writing longer pieces here (more on that here) and wanted a general reset on little thoughts that don't aspire to be much more than that. 2. The creaky software that runs this entire site (blog+general area) I wrote in 2007 while on ...

Moving out of Flatland (towards our 3D future)

(Note: Republishing this from a guest post over at TechCrunch )

If the past couple of years have been about one theme for me investment-wise, they have been about exploring the bridge between bits and atoms with a series of bets aimed to make a path between the digital world and the physical one we populate. And no, I am not talking about ordering a pizza from my smartphone or getting a maid-on-demand to come clean my house within ...

Innovating at the edge

This article on Cuban kids building an alternative Internet to connect to each other given the straw-thin connection the country has to the real Internet is straight out of science fiction. For $2K per node, 9,000 nodes are coming together to assemble one of the world's largest LANs right in Havana and they are using it to connect, share, and generally communicate.

It's a good reminder for the rest of us that almost the entire layer cake of Internet ...