My goal with this blog

I write about relevant changes in the way that people use the web and how startups are built to provide services and products for this ever changing wonderful thing we still know as "the web." As a former entrepreneur turned early-stage investor, my greatest hope is for this to be useful to other folks that are like me in the hopes that they can avoid some of the mistakes I've made.

A new experiment

For the last two weeks I've been experimenting with writing shorter, quicker posts on another CMS which I call Bits.

I am doing this for two reasons: 1. I had gotten "stuck" (unmotivated, tired, etc.) writing longer pieces here (more on that here) and wanted a general reset on little thoughts that don't aspire to be much more than that. 2. The creaky software that runs this entire site (blog+general area) I wrote in 2007 while on vacation listening to the launch of the iPhone over a crappy stream. Thus it did not anticipate things like smartphones and tablets as a way to write things down quickly. Over the years I toyed with an Evernote "client" but it just never fit my workflow. On top of it RSS died somewhere in there (a very sad thing) and Twitter replaced it as the way to push out updates (or maybe Twitter and the age old practice of spamming people with email). In short, a lot has changed in eight years.

I'm not ready to shut this down as I hope that screwing around on Bits gets me inspired to go back to the longer pieces. But if it is all crickets and tumbleweeds here for a while, here is where I will be.